Saturday, May 28, 2016

Update from Dad

We have our ups and downs here in the Mission. We are trying so hard to get Jake into a detox facility to help him completely break away from his drug and alcohol addictions.  He will never be free from either one but he can control it. He is on a methadone treatment plan of about 6 months.  Methadone supposedly helps a drug addict to slowly wean off drugs and eventually off of methadone but it’s a long haul.  Also most alcohol programs won’t let you in if you are taking methadone!  It’s also hard for us to keep steady with him since we do have other duties.  But I’m not abandoning him at all, he just needs such constant companionship.  I have come to love him.

We met with a lady, Lindsay, last week at the home of a member but it appears to us and to the Sister Missionaries that she just wants to keep investigating faiths and not commit to any.  She is such a peaceful woman but is “tossed to and fro with every doctrine” and cannot see the parallel between her and Joseph Smith of searching for God’s true authorized church.

Jeff Johnston is also a recovering alcoholic.  He is a totally likeable and outgoing guy but just won’t commit himself fully.  I plan to talk to the Bishop and suggest that perhaps a Ward member be called as a single-contact for some of these addiction members and who can give them contact, make phone calls, etc. on a near-daily basis but only have one person like that to care for.

Our Book of Mormon class is a pretty healthy one.  It has grown from about 8 of us to 14 or more! That includes 6 of us who are active.  Two of the group were baptized a month ago.  Others are less-actives or actual investigators.  We are in now in 2Nephi. 

I have been enjoying reading the Book of Mormon more slowly lately!  I like to read just a verse or two and then really take time to think about why these verses were included and try to imagine the feelings of the writer at that time.  It was hard work to make those plates and inscribe on metal – so why did they decide to include that verse? How did those writers find the time?

We had a Zone Activity yesterday where we all found out stories about family members who died a long time ago and then we dressed in clothes that would have been common when they were alive. Pictures included here.  I told the story of my G-ma Rena (Dad’s Mom) of when she and Henry were courting.  She liked it when Henry and his brother Carl would come over to G-ma Rena’s place as a double date with her and her sister, Violet.  They would drive over in a “single-seater” horse-drawn buggy.  That meant that Henry and Carl would sit on the seat and G-ma and Violet would have to sit on their laps!  It’s fun to get a new perspective of a G-ma being a young courting girl!

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