Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We got a call from President Felix and his wife. They were telling us what we would be doing on our mission. We enter the MTC Febraury 29, 2016, and President Felix said he was notified we would report to California on March 11th, so that means we will only be in the MTC about 10 days. We will drive our car out there, so not sure what car to take. Probably will sell Steve's Yaris and the suburban. We can also bring our bikes to California so that will be fun.
Steve be will be in charge of the fleet of cars and vans in the mission. I think about 75 vehicles. Making sure they are well maintained and then checking them at zone conferences. I will be working in the mission Office sending out letters and notices for the president. I am thinking letters to parents telling when their missionary is coming home or that he arrived safely. Wonder if I will be adding to the mission web page. I better get busy learning how to add pictures to this web page so I can do that later also. Smile
President Felix also said the average temperature is 60-80 degrees and flowers blooming all year long. That will be quite a change.