Monday, May 9, 2016

Solvang, California

Trip to Solvang, California:

Sister Floyd and I on the streets in Solvang:

Bear is a tile design at a lookout of the city:

Danish Viking statue in a store:

Aebleskiver (pronounced Able Skiver) - it's like a pancake batter but made into round balls (use a special pan).  And then jam and powdered sugar on it.  Very popular and sold with breakfast, lunch and dinner - anytime!  It's kind of like fair food.  

The yellow stones are amber - really pretty and expensive.  

We also saw a miniature tree with amber stones on it.  Very pretty.  

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  1. Troy laughed out loud to the statues! He thought those were so funny - especially the one with Dad with the Danish Viking king. He loved those! Looks like a fun place to visit!!