Friday, April 8, 2016


This is a picture of our cottage but it is behind this house:

This is our patio at the cottage:

Dad & I exploring the Ventura Visitors Center our first Saturday here!

 Ventura Beach:

Flowers at Los Angeles Temple:

Los Angeles Temple:

Our lilac bush by our front door to the mission office:

Strawberry fields:

The flowering bush by our cottage:

Bunches of carrots at the Farmers Market one Saturday:

View from our cottage:

Sister & Elder Stewart (in front), Elder & Sister Floyd (on the right) and Dad & I out to eat before the Stewart's left:

Elder Stewart handing over the keys to Elder Iverson - ready, set, go!

President & Sister Felix, Elder & Sister Aston, Elder Hamula and then us:

Dad kind of working!  What do I do with this credit card?!

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