Monday, April 25, 2016

From Baptist Preacher to Mormon Teacher

We just got back from an excellent fireside and wanted to share with you. 

The man's name is Wain Myers. He is LDS and wrote the book From  Baptist preacher to Mormon Teacher. He is full of high energy and loved his story. He was raised in the Baptist church and actually our fireside started out tonight with a lady singing the lords prayer so was not sure if that was the prayer, but we had a regular Mormon prayer after that. He was so entertaining and full of high energy. He told how he prayed to see if the two churches he was thinking about joining were true and he asked the Lord which  of these should I join. Sound familiar? And he got the answer none of them. 

And so went on preaching in the baptist church but then quit because he felt the Lord did not want him to do that any more. He then started dating a young lady and asked what she was reading and she said Rs lesson. He did not know what that was so she told him she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. oh that's good. She said you know the Mormons? oh that church...
He wanted to know more but she said I have some friends who can explain it better. smile  ... of course the missionaries. Wain is a big tall guy and he said when the missionaries knocked on the door he just laughed and said these two white 12 year olds are going to tell me about their church?? Then they asked him if he played basketball and he said he thought that was racist. He was just all very humorous about this. Any way as he listened he just knew he wanted to join the church. He told them right there he wanted to be baptized. And the missionaries said whoa whoa we have more lessons. He said well what do I need to do. So they went on to tell him what he needed to do.

Wain Myers is a fun speaker and would be a super fireside for the youth, adult, new members, investigators.  Very entertaining. he lives in Salt Lake city and loves to go speak.
So just wanted to let you all know about him in case you ever hear of him speaking close to you or if you ever want to have him come speak to your group. We had a stake fireside and had investigators there and members and missionaries and adults and some teens.  He doesn't stay behind the pulpit he likes to walk back and forth up front. smile He admits he has ADHD. smile  He says he can do that since it is a fireside and not a talk in church. Steve and I are speaking in sacrament tomorrow and wondered if we could use his style of preaching. smile  He is on the high council in his stake in salt lake. He is also on facebook if you want to look him up. But he has the book out also in case anyone has read it.

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  1. Sounds like a fun fireside! That's fun to hear people's life stories and how they make such dramatic changes. That's so great you got to hear him speak. I'll have to check into that book - sounds like a very fun read! Love you guys!