Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fun Week

Hi all, 

Some have asked about elder Hamula's visit. He came for a mission tour to talk to all the missionaries and then Saturday and Sunday he called a new stake president in one of the stakes here. We were so impressed with the missionaries .. They all stood as elder Hamula came in and then they all went out row by row and we all shook his hand. 

I forgot how much we told you about his conference with the missionaries. We went to the Thursday conference and he talked to the missionaries about how they do not realize how special they are. Not just them, but all the youth now. They have been told they are a special generation and yet he told them they just do not realize how much more they could do and how much they are loved. He also said how special you all are for being the parents of this young people who are being prepared for these latter days. He told them to be bold and act with confidence knowing they are doing right. Then when he had stake conference and picked the stake president already and the as they were having Saturday stake conference he kind of trained them all by saying the president and counselors are in the audience so will just train you all. Smile not sure what he talked about but thought that was unique way to train them all. 

This Saturday we had quite an interesting day. Many dentists in the state came to Ventura and had dental assistants and then hundreds of volunteers to help also and dental  students all come to some large buildings at the fair grounds and offer free dental work for low income and homeless people or actually any one who wanted to come for free. Friday they set up all the equipment and such and our mission president, pres Felix went out there and he said there were people lining up to camp out in line. They started lining up at 5pm. 
So at 4:45 am Saturday we got to the fair grounds. 

This was such a well organized - tee shirts for all the different people. Dentists in black, dental students in blue, dental assistants in purple, regular volunteers grey and then interpreters in yellow. They had all sorts of languages offered, but the majority needed was Spanish. I had a few people who were wearing hearing AIDS so tried to sign to them but most heard ok and there were others who knew sign language so signed to them. I think maybe the deaf community did not come since maybe they did not know if there would be interpreters for them. So maybe next time we will contact more of the deaf community and let them know they will be interpreters for them. The dentists do this twice a year so hope to go back again. We helped until noon. About 9:00 we had a break and it felt like it should be noon. They had a room set aside for the volunteers to get snacks and lunch and drinks. Well organized and good food. Of course fresh strawberries and fruit but also breakfast burritos, and then for lunch pizza and salad. 

Oh my so organized.. One group would come into an area with about 100 chairs. Fill out some name and what their dental concern was. Then they went to an area to get some education fro dental students about how to brush and take care of teeth and what not to eat or drink. Then they came to my area ... Triage where they had blood pressure checked and heart  rate. Some with diabetes had to be treated differently. They also checked if they had high blood pressure and they were set to the side to see if they could relax more. Some had taken drugs so had special care. Some had missing teeth, or pain or other problems. They they went to a triage dentist and he checked to see if the needed X-rays or what and then they were sent to whatever area they needed. When I say they were sent I mean they had an escort of a volunteer to take them to all areas.  Then in another very large building  there were many many dental chairs with equipment, lights, drills, and assistants. At least 50 chairs if not more. They had technicians sterling instruments, and others bringing X-rays and all sorts of things. Like I said very well organized. I am sure in my one day of just morning we saw at least 1000 people. So it was quite a day. I am amazed at all the great service and the powerful kindness. It was a wonderful day and I had lots of fun conversations with the people as they were in my area. 

The dentists sure appreciated the church missionaries and all our service. They said they could not do it without all our help. Dad was in the building with all the dental work being done. He would take people from one area to another when a dentist was available to see another patient. 

Anna asked about some people Ted and carol who come to church. They come by themselves and just interested in finding out about the church. Ted is Jewish and knows the bible fairly well and so reading and learning about the Book of Mormon. Carol is jehovah witness and just showed up one day. 

 I think dad told you about jake m. He is an alcoholic and this week he was going through such a bad time that he called 911 and admitted himself to the hospital. He will be there until he is completely off alcohol. So hopefully this will be good for him and he can get off alcohol. He really wants to come to church and come to the Book of Mormon class. But has been sick from the drugs and alcohol so can hardly do anything any day. So we have visited him each day in the hospital to check on him. Oh funny story.. He really admires dad since he quit smoking and drinking and impressed dad went to Viet nam and lived and so thinks dad is Narley! Not exactly how I have ever pictured dad!, smile 

You all may want to come out for our county fairs.. Some friends were telling us of some things they want to show us here, and they were telling us about things and one thing was the county fair. I told them I love going to the fair. The lady was so impressed by seeing a big momma pig with her baby piglets. But then said the headline entertainer at the county fair here In town was Kevin Costner! Thought he was pretty famous for a county fair but them realized this is California. Smile 

I have been out bike riding lately. Have not found a great path yet but still exploring areas to go ride. I found a cell phone on my ride one day. And just like Levi, when he found a cell phone I tried to find the owner of this phone. Since it was an iPhone it had a code to get into it so could not check contacts. But finally about 8pm his brother called the phone and so they came over to get the phone. The guy was out skate boarding and so had no idea where he lost it. But Levi set a good example and returned the phone he found. 

Love you all, we are enjoying all the office adventures. Two new missionaries coming in Monday so getting things ready for them. We have 8 coming in May so always busy times. We are learning the missionaries' names and getting to know the cities a little bit each day. 

Have a great week! 
Love you all! 

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