Friday, March 11, 2016

Temporary Cottage

Short update (from Dad):
Got here to the mission in good order.  We're in our temporary apartment - actually a cottage!  Has a lime, lemon and an orange tree!

Also has a built-in exercise facility; 43 steps up from van to cottage!  

Had dinner with the Mission President tonight.

All is great.  More to follow.

Mom's update:
Whew, walking up all these stairs with all our stuff!

Getting ready to go to the mission president's home for dinner!

The apartment cottage we are staying in for the next 3 weeks is pretty tiny.  It's really cute, I really like it but it's just tiny.  It has one bedroom, one shower, and a teeny kitchen-ish kitchen/sitting room/dining room.  And we can't put more than a half a gallon of milk in the fridge and it's like a small apartment refrigerator.  It's really cute place but we didn't think we could bring all our stuff in here.  So we're storing some of our things back in the van which is fine, we don't need it until we get into their full apartment that we'll have for the next year and a half.

But it's pretty fun to have a view of the ocean.

Hi all, 
We got here to Ventura California on Friday and went to the mission office and met some the the senior couples there. Then Friday night we all went to president Felix home for a dinner and talking. Great people. 
The floyd's will be here another year, and he does the finances. Dad is happy he does that and dad does not have to do it. And sister Floyd does the referral and sends out orders for the office. Then we have a new lady and her husband who came 3 weeks ago and she is the mission nurse. The the Stewart's who will train us these next three weeks and they go home to Idaho then. 
We have three zone conferences this coming week so will be fun to meet all the missionaries. Jumping right in with all the meals for them. Then the following week we have transfers and new missionaries coming out. So I will be preparing packets for them and get all those things ready. 

Still feels so surreal to actually be here in California. We are staying in a small cottage apt. Really cute but small, so did not move all our stuff in. No oven, and a mini frig so when we went grocery shopping today we had to be careful not to get too much. Ha ha 
Fun starting to get groceries and some basics. Prices of food sure are more expensive. 

We went exploring around town a bit today and of course went down to the beach! We can see it from our apt, so only about 10 minutes to get there. The water was cool and there is a surfers beach but did not try it. Smile. there was a St Patrick's day parade today so all of Main Street was full. Lots of fun floats and green all over. 

I am not sure if you would enjoy it Kristin with your allergies but there are flowers blooming all over the place. Our hand rail which is outside is wrapped with lights and then also blooming flowers. And there is a huge bush about 6 feet tall right outside our door blooming with pink flowers and the shrubs with tiny white flowers I think plumeria. But a pretty strong fragrance.. But smells really nice for us. The flower, birds of paradise are blooming also. 

So we have been assigned to a ward and so will go and visit there tomorrow and meet the sister missionaries. We may have assignments from the bishop in that ward also. The mission president said we will be asked to speak to the missionaries sometime soon also. He wants us to tell them our conversion story.  So lots of new adventures ahead. 

Love you all, have a great week. 

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