Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Computer Training

hi family,

Today we started our computer training and I must say it was really good and I was not as lost as I thought I would be.
We learned how to do a lot in excel and merge and how to add sums or how the computer would do it for us.
Then I also learned about all sorts of reports about the missionaries. Birthdays, arrival and departing dates, there is a long list of things and reports.
Dad will have more training on the CARS program on Wednesday but they are teaching us all about the computer and excel and how to gather pictures and make programs, etc.
Lots of things I knew  how to do and others a review and some new stuff. So it is good. We have 3 trainers in the morning and then they leave and go to their college classes, then we have 3 different trainers in the afternoon. They sure are patient with us and help us. Each day is different so we will do other things tomorrow.

Some of you asked about the MTC. I think most of you have been here whether dropping off a brother or going yourself, but I will tell a little more insight.
As senior missionaries we are in really nice rooms - like a nice hotel room. Not real huge just nice size bed and table and chairs for eating or studying. And a full bathroom and shower.
They provide towels and bedding so that is so nice. Then there is an extra supply room close by with extra pillows and blankets and even left over or lost hair dryers and books.
On our floor 3rd floor we have an exercise room - 2 tread mills and 2 bikes, but we can still use the large exercise facilities here on campus.
WE are in a building that has the bookstore and mail room in it on the main floor.
The main building is where there are lots of large rooms for groups of up to about 300, then also smaller classes. Then the main lobby has the world map where we all get our pictures of where we are going. The cafeteria is also in the building.  The flags of the world are outside the main building.

Then there are covered walk ways between the other buildings. I am not sure how many building but at least 12 possible more. They are building three huge building to the south of the MTC. I believe more dorm rooms. At the end of the row of dorm and classrooms is a building 19M where we go for large group devotionals.  I am not sure how many but at least 1000 or more are here. Probably closer to 2000.  Close to the main building we have our classes. Last week we were on the 2nd floor and this week we are moving up to the 4th floor.

If you come into the main building you have to be in a suit for the guys and skirts of the ladies. If it is your prep day then you can go to a different entrance and get a sack lunch for any meal if you do not feel you want to come to the main cafeteria. The cafeteria is huge and has 3 main areas where they serve food. Middle area is mostly some sort of salad - cranberry walnut tonight and was delicious. And it is all you want to eat - you can go to different places  inside and get wraps, salads, soup, burgers and fries, rice and toppings. Quite a big assortment and variety. Milk, chocolate milk, skim milk, sodas, juices, hot chocolate and water. 

The young missionaries are so nice - most usually open the doors for us and hold it open. 
Funny thing I saw one night as we went to do some laundry was 7 bins of lost and found clothing items. One for each day! I thought it was funny until I did our laundry and had to stand on my tip toes to reach inside the dryer to get the clothes out. But I made sure I have each sock before I left!! smile

Our schedule is up about 6:30, get ready for the day. Breakfast 7-8. Then in class by 8 and done by noon. Then lunch, then back in class about 1:00 and go until 5;00.
then dinner 5-6. Most nights we have some homework or stuff we need to read and prepare for the next day, or there is a talk. Each Tuesday is a whole mission talk usually some general authority or someone they know. I think I told you but last week dad and I both volunteered to sing in the choir and that was so fun. Fun to sing in parts and fun to sing with such a huge group. 

One of the talks was a video we saw this week and it was from Elder Bednar. He told some stories about how the Savior turns to help others and not turning inward to worry about himself.
He told the story of a RS lady who called Pres Bednar up one evening saying three girls had been in an accident and wondered if he could go identify the girls. She knew one had died but did not know which one. And all the families were in his ward. As they were on the phone she was also on her cell phone and found out the girl who had died was here daughter. So instead of stopping there she told Pres. Bednar he needed to notify the other families. She was just as concerned about them.
The same mom called pres Bednar later and said he must have a horrible image of her daughter in his mind so now she was cleaned up so wanted to know if he wanted to come to the funeral home and see her daughter looking much better so he would have a better image in his mind. (Again thinking of others)
Then the day of the funeral the lady was going to her daughter's funeral and got a call from a lady who was sick with a cold and was upset that she had not received a meal since she was sick. So this lady made a meal for the sick lady and took it to her before she went to her daughter's funeral. Thinking and helping someone else. Wow what charity!!
I can sure improve in doing service for others and want to be better.

love you all so much and hope you are enjoying the beautiful world we live in. Flowers are poking out here and even tulips are coming up.
I am so thankful for each of you and the blessings we have been blessed with!!
Don't try to do things alone- ask the Lord to help! He is there to help and bless you!


Ps... Who was the first prophet to go through the MTC??

Moses  - he went through the EMPTY SEA.  smile

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