Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Busy Day at the MTC

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know we are staying busy. We taught our first lesson to a lady who joined the church as a youth but was now 80 years old and her husband has passed away and wanted to know if it was too late for her to learn more so she could be with him in heaven. We had prepared last night with lesson plans and scriptures thinking we would be teaching  more but we talked and answered her questions and it was so fun to jump in and try this. I am not sure we followed the lesson plan at all. smile

We talked about eternal families and being together forever and that was one thing that we felt drawn to when we were investigating the church. Then she asked us questions about why we joined the church and she caught our spirit and she was impressed we were also converts.  Of course this was our training lesson so the trainer was listening as we talked and discussed for 45 minutes then he met with the lady and asked what we could do to improve and she said she was touched by our sincerity and willingness to go on a mission and our testimony. 
She gave us a flowing evaluation!!

We do not know if these people are members who just act the part or if they are true non members. And we found out her story is real. She joined the church at 8 and then did not gain a testimony and so did not learn much from primary or young women and became inactive. But is still a member, so she was touched by our lesson and so that made us feel good. The trainer was positive also saying because we are converts we will be able to help others and make that connection with them.

We sure are busy from 6am getting up and breakfast to classes at 8am until about 8pm at night. Tonight we have a bit of a break and so many are going out exploring but dad needed some laundry done so in the laundry room now. We will go back to our room after laundry and study for our lessons tomorrow. We are teaching someone who has already had the first discussion and so will teach them about the plan of salvation.  Then Friday we will teach with different people so that will be interesting. 
But these trainers are so skilled and so fun to work with them. In our district we have all guys teaching us but others have sisters also.

I am sure you will get a chuckle out of this but just the senior missionaries have a class which is optional of how to use the ipad or iphones and how to find pictures and scriptures and how to tag them. Well the funny part is that there were about 12 young missionaries in there running between people who have a hard time figuring out how to do it after the instruction. But good they are patient and helping.

Oh I have a joke for you..
Do you know why you can't find a hippopotamus hiding in a tree?
Because they do it so well.  smile

How many times do you need to tickle an octopus before it laughs?
10  tickles  .... tentacles

New missionaries came in today so the halls and cafeteria are busier than yesterday, but fun to see all these energetic young people.
We have met lots of young adults and going so many different places. Like i said earlier we try to sit by the young missionaries to talk to them at all our meals.
Today we met one young man from Smithfield who is going to California also. A different mission but he is excited to see California.
Then breakfast another young man from Logan, Shrieber is his last name.
We sang in the choir last night and sat by some sisters going to the Philippines. All said the language was a challenge but excited to go.

The fireside talk last night was really good. Elder Brent Nielson spoke. He is over the missionary department for the church. He gave little snippets of what he has learned from some of the General authorities. Sister Nielson also talked and was excellent about preparing for a half marathon race and even though she did not have all the cute running shoes and clothes she could still do it. And we have to just go and do - whether running a race or doing missionary work or teaching a lesson. WE will be blessed as we do.

We have felt the love of the Savior and as we presented our lesson today it was amazing to hear words come out of our mouths that the lady needed to hear.
 Not exactly what the lesson was planned to be but what was needed. So i know the Lord is inspiring us to say and learn and teach others.
WE are so grateful we have been able to learn about the plan of salvation and the atonement over our years of being in the church. 
But also to feel the influence of the Savior in our lives.

love you all so much!!

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