Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hi from Mom

Hi Family, 
It sure has been a busy month! So thankful I had some great talks with my mom before she passed away. I felt very fortunate to be able to spend some time with her before she passed away. She passed from being surrounded by her loved ones here onto being with loved ones in heaven that are excited that she's there with them now. The week before she passed away she had her 71st class reunion. It was a fun time for her to be able to meet with her classmates from years ago and they been having classrooms every year for the past couple years. Then two weeks before she passed away she had a fun time meeting with some of her cousins and they showed old movies when she was a child and of her parents and cousins so it was a fun little family reunion. And then with all of us kids gathering in Minnesota before she passed away I think she felt like she had talked with and greeted all the friends and family here on earth and it was OK to go on. Mom and I have been working on our family genealogy and had gotten a lot of it done and filled in. And we made copies for other family members and mailed those out to them so I think a lot of her family history work was finished for her to do. 
Being in Minnesota again for her funeral, was like a family reunion seeing all the distant cousins and aunts and uncles I haven't seen for a long time. So it was a good celebration of mom. I was flower girl in one of my cousins weddings and she was there. She was the short little 4 ft 10 inch lady that CHRISTIAN helped take luggage to her room. I never thought of my cousins and relatives as being short, they were just taller than me or regular size, but now as I am "taller" I see where I get all my height! Fun talking to relatives. We stayed over night at mark Iverson's when we flew in, then stopped in to se Cheri and stu after we picked up jessica and Claire at the airport. Fun to talk to them again. 

Funny as I landed back in California I thought of texting mom and letting her know that I had landed safely. Just kind of something we always did to let each other know that we were safe back in our homes. So I'm sure there will  be a few more times that we think about writing or calling mom and she won't be there but we love her and she is at rest! So thankful  for the good times and great memories. 

We have a new senior missionary couple in the mission. They arrived this past weekend. They will be making the mission pretty interesting since their last name is also Iverson!!. But they will be serving in another city so hopefully won't be too confusing. but that was pretty interesting to get another couple named Iverson. And they were trying to figure out what to call them the old Iverson's or  the new Iverson's. They're older in age than we are but we're older in the mission here. it is interesting to see them in person. He has gray hair like Dad and sister Iverson is short brunette!! They are calling them Iverson 2! 

We had 13 new missionaries arrive last Monday. And it was one crazy day. I got a phone call about 930 in the morning saying that one of their flights was canceled only to learn that the other 12 werek on the same flight. So then I was scurrying around trying to get different flights for them to still arrive together  because we have orientation meeting the next day. But it all worked out we got them on different airlines and Flights and even came into a different airport. But it all got worked out, but it was a crazy day on the phone making all sorts of calls and arrangements. 
Then we had transfer day where the missionaries get picked up by Elder Floyd and dad and take them to a new church building where they get transferred with the new companionship. He's usually in the van with the assistance as they pick up missionaries for about six hours,  While I am in the office getting lunch for the new missionaries and having an orientation meeting and telling them all sorts of fun things about the mission here.

Well Tuesday started out about 6 am elder Floyd called dad and said the pin had fallen out and the trailer was just hanging by the chains. So about an hour later I drove up to give them a new pin. Sure was crazy trying to get road side help. We just wanted them to deliver a pin but they only wanted to tow the trailer.  So got that all figured out with me driving up there. 

Then Wednesday we had departing missionaries leaving . And we took them to the airport and usually have to take two vehicles pulling a trailer with all their luggage. It is a sad and exciting day, sad for us to say goodbye but exciting that they've served a great mission and going to be with their families again.!!  But long days- we go to the mission home about 6;45 and get to the airport about 8:30. Then back to the office for a full day. 
The Mission presidents wife usually has them all over for breakfast and serves homemade waffles with nutella, and strawberries, and buttermilk syrup. So they usually have a good breakfast before they go on the flights. 

You've been pretty busy with our stake employment calling. So far we have found some good jobs for at least five people so far. And one of them is a Carpenter and he got a job doing framing work  So he's pretty excited about that. We're working with a couple other families and searching for jobs on the computer and helping teach them how to write a resume, and working with them on computer skills. Keeps us busy but is so rewarding to be able to help people find a good job, or help them get more education or training for future jobs. 

I know this may sound strange to you, but we're kind of missing the fall weather. It's still really nice out here and we have the windows open, and don't wear jackets. But kind of missing that nice cool fall weather. But I guess the evenings are cooling off a little bit more too. 

We had a ward Halloween trunk or treat night at the church Friday night. People signed up to bring chili or corn bread and then they judged the chili. I got 2nd place! And yes there were more than 2 entries. There were 15 different kinds of chili. I wanted to try more but had enough. There some really good corn bread. Some dry regular ones but others were moist and had bits of corn in it more like a corn pudding. And even some with jalapeno  in it. That was good. 

Oh a funny thing... Well that is funny to some and a headache for others. One of the missionaries had an accident and no injuries but the car had major repairs so they totaled the car. We finally got a brand new Malibu 2017. Came in and looks great. They put the tiwi gps in and the car died! Come to find out the tiwi computer system did nit work with the car computer so they took the car back and had to fix it so they both would work! But has been so frustrating for dad to figure out what was  wrong. . But it is all good now! 

We are doing great and staying busy. The stake president wants us to speak in each  of the wards talking about the self reliance program so working in those talks. So far we have 4 wards scheduled. Whew! We had our first one today and went well. But then they asked us to stay for the third hour to answer any questions. Well we got there had the opening prayer and he turned the whole time over to us. Wished he would had gotten it started with an introduction for the ward but we did ok and did use the whole time. Not as many questions as I would have hoped but it all worked out well. I want to revamp my talk and add some and delete  some. But after giving it once I see what they connect with and what to add or change. 

Tomorrow is Halloween and seems so strange not to have school parades and costumes and treats. Just regular office work. And no dressing up. Well dad will wear his Halloween tie with a big pumpkin on it, but still suit and missionary clothes. So hope you all have a fun and safe evening!, 

Love you!! 

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