Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sad and fun stuff

Hi everyone, 

Jake died last night about 1 am.  While it's sad to lose a close friend to death, he was suffering so much, both just recently but throughout the last several years due to his alcohol addiction. His liver just got so badly scarred that it could no longer function and he was in misery.

However, Mom and I, along with others,were able to visit with him and teach him somewhat of Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation.  While he was conscious and we were actually out shopping, Mom had some quiet moments with him where she taught him that there are many places in Heavenly Father's kingdom, nearly all of which are happy places to be, better than this life in many ways.  Jake had thought that there was only a Heaven and a Hell and he was certain that he was headed to Hell.  Mom opened his eyes and spirit that he did indeed have hope for a better life and that Jesus would welcome him.  Bishop Hooke was also able to visit him and teach him when he was conscious and teach him more details about the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement, what to expect in the next life when he dies (main lesson was for Jake to say "Yes" to every option that was to be taught and given to him!).  Mom and I talked to him, as well as offered a long conversation-like prayer with him, much of it when he was just semi-conscious, also about salvation, repentance, forgiveness, atonement, and what to expect when he dies.  

I also gave him a PH blessing last week before his sister, Lindsay arrived, that he would keep living through her visit and that he needed to muster all his strength and strength of spirits around him to connect, even if briefly, with her.  I then released him from life after her visit.  Lindsay was able to talk several times to Jake on the phone before she got here. He continued to live for her entire visit. He very briefly (just for seconds) connected with her during her visit. Lindsay saw Jake late Sunday and left town Monday morning about 6 am; Jake then died 19 hours later.

But we have fun as well!!  Elder Floyd, in his role as Mission Housing Coordinator, very often has to provide new box springs and mattresses to apartments.  Mom and I saw a pickup loaded with a lot of used mattresses and, thinking of Elder Floyd, took a photo and made it into a PowerPoint fun slide for Elder Floyd (attached).  He loved it.

Our investigator, Devin, is still progressing.  He's not understanding the Book of Mormon as closely as he wants so we're postponing his baptism but not too long.  He comes to every single church function we have.  He's wearing a white shirt and tie.  He's given up coffee and tea now for three weeks.  He's opened up to the missionaries more now on his disability - paranoid schizophrenia.  He's been alcohol-free now for about 3 months.  All's good!

We've now been given physical keys for the Stake Center building and the LDS Employment Center room!  We've given brief instruction to Bishoprics on our employment plans.  We're getting calls from members now.  We're giving training on Sep 1st; so now we gotta figure out what to train!!  We're talking to Elder Wilde, Area 70, on this work. He's got a "70" meeting this Saturday and will find out more of what we need to know then!  Exciting times!

We visited a member in jail on Sunday.  Good visiting; very different for us.  Jail is a very very sad and dreary place.  Very dark spiritually.  But this man is doing his best and will likely be out of jail by the end of August.  Then back to his job as a Physician's Assistant.  He's got 10 surgeries lined up that he needs to assist with!

Enough for now.  Oh, we were in a Stake Conference meeting just for new members or returned less-actives.  There was a deaf interpreter there.  However, it turned out that she was also the only piano player. So when she got up to play, Mom just jumped into her place and interpreted for the deaf member in signing!  She's a remarkable woman!!

The other photo is Mom and Sister (Lavonne) Floyd when we double-dated to the Ventura County Fair and were at the horse show.  We also went to a concert where Patty Labelle was the singer - not exactly my kind of music but it was fun being out with Mom and friends.  i tried two of the funnel cakes and, surprisingly, neither one was very good.  Bummer!

Gotta go.

Love, Dad

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