Friday, July 22, 2016

Hi from mom

Hi all, 

We have a missionary discussion tonight. We're going with the sister missionaries and teaching a young man. So that's kind of exciting. 

Anna asked if we have the Monday off , but no we are working on pioneer day. The church headquarters and computer system will be down. So I'm not certain if I'll have much work to do on Monday. But there's always mail to sort and letters to print out. But dad will probably be busy with his car things. The missionaries are still driving on that day. We were kind of teasing each other in the office that may we get our work done in the morning and then take the afternoon off and go to the beach. Ha ha but we probably won't do that. But Elder Floyd in the office has some kidney stones and so he has had some of them pulverized a few weeks ago. And now he's going to have the other side done Monday. So we have been teasing him, that he's going to really go down to the beach after his procedure. But I don't think he'll have the energy to want to do that either.

1 August we have our 23 new missionaries coming in. So we've been getting their packets ready for them. We give them a large laundry bag and a quilt and sheets and a blanket and pillows. All the things needed for bedding while they're here and they get to keep it or take it home after the mission. But putting together those 23 bags of bedding for each missionary is quite a fun little project. And then we have orientation for those new missionaries so I get all those packets already for them and all the things that they need to fill out. 
But even before that we have rented another 12 passenger van just to pick them all up from the airport. We have a six passenger pick up truck and a 15 passenger van that pulls a trailer that we put all their luggage in, and then we rented the new van so that we can have space for all of them.

They will all go to their new companions that first day because there's not enough room in the Mission home for all of them. Then they'll meet at the Mission home the next day and have breakfast. And then I go and pick them up from the Mission home and bring them over to the Mission Office probably only about 5 to 6 miles away. But I help do the shuttle and then we'll have lunch ready for them and then have orientation meeting for them. So it's exciting to have them come! Busy time when we get the missionaries. Then the next day is transfer day so that is super busy. Dad and Elder Floyd are the ones that take the big vans around to pick up missionaries from different areas and drop them off at other locations and so they're gone almost all day On transfer day picking up and dropping off missionaries. Sister Floyd and I are in the office having the missionaries turn in apartment keys that they're leaving and getting the new apartment keys to the new missionaries will be going into their apartments and they exchange phones. It is just a busy time in the office for us. 

Then the third day, or 3 August we have departures and we have about 16 missionaries leaving. Sad to see them go, but I know their families are pretty excited to see them return home! The Floyds and us take them to the airport. But enjoying the experience and loving the missionaries, and loving our mission.

We're learning more about our new  stake self reliance calling. We got a phone call from the church headquarters man that explains some of our duties a bit more. It will definitely keep us busy. But excited to get started and help people get the education that they need, or training or helping them find jobs.
We will start having classes in the evenings to help people learn how to write resumes. Or to help them find out where to go for training, or teach them different classes that they may need in their life. One of the big things will be computer skills teaching them how to be on the computer and fill out applications, or even just to be more skilled on the computer. Never thought I would be teaching the computer class others but good experience good opportunities.

Our talks on the pioneers went really well we had about 150 people there. Dad talked about Iverson background of how everybody is a pioneer in our own way and How the Iverson's helped us to be pioneers. and I talked about our Norwegian and German ancestors and they're coming to the United States. And then how each of us can be pioneers in our own way. Starting and continuing on our own family traditions. But it was a great time and had a good time with people. A lot of them came up afterwards and shared their stories about their pioneer ancestors.

Well better get going for the day. We're going to take our P day on Saturday and deliver some mattresses to A new apartment. So may do some exploring along the way. 

Love you all! Hope you have a great day and a super weekend love you also very much!

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